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Brittani Washington

   She's a dancer, singer, songwriter and the music industry’s go to MUSICIAN that has mastered her talents in so many ways. Playing for artist like Beyonce Knowles, Ceelo Green, Jlo, Envogue to name a few. Brittani has shown the world that there is absolutely nothing she cannot do.


   The Port Arthur native is very much up to the task of setting ground breaking records as being the only musician in the WORLD to play multiple instruments with different A-list artist on major stages like "The Soul Train Music Awards" on drums with Ceelo Green"The Billboard Music Awards" on bass with Envogue, and "The Grammys" on keyboards with Beyonce and so much more! 

   Brittani's real approach to music embodies the souls of her ancestors before her. She's inspired by some of the classic beauties of our time like Dorothy Dandridge, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Jones, and Eartha Kitt to say a few. Her gracefulness has gotten her recognized by the worlds biggest stars and movie producers, scoring for movies like Lifetimes "Leave it on the floor", placements on some of our favorite HBO specials, and her favorite accomplishment which is being nominated for a Grammy with her sisters "The Sugar Mommas" (Beyonces all female Band) for the the LIVE version of  Me, Myself and I from The Beyonce Experience tour. 


   After a long and humble wait, this classic beauty is finally stepping out of the shadows to show her voice and talent to the world.  

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