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Brittani's Performing Arts Center

At B.P.A.C, we recognize and celebrate the uniqueness of every individual. That's why we are committed to pairing you with your very own A-list instructor who will tailor the lessons to your comfort level and pace. Our founder, Brittani, understands the challenges of learning a new instrument, especially if you're starting from scratch. We all have that dream of rocking a killer guitar solo in front of a massive crowd, but we also understand the importance of putting in the necessary work first.


We know that not being able to explain chords or musical phrases can be overwhelming and discouraging, just like any other new endeavor in life. That's why, at B.P.A.C, we take the time to listen to you and understand your unique learning style. We want you to learn music in a way that resonates with you.


Brittani, a self-taught musician, understands the significance of nurturing your talents and guiding you in the right direction. At B.P.A.C, we offer a wide range of lessons, from singing to DJing, ensuring that you are well-prepared for your next big audition.


Don't forget to ask us about our Artist Development Program today!

Piano Practice

Brittani Washington

Brittani has had the privilege of performing on various stages, showcasing her talent on multiple instruments such as bass, drums, percussion, and piano. In 2006, her exceptional skills caught the attention of the renowned superstar Beyoncé, leading to an incredible opportunity to join her on a world tour. For an impressive six years, Brittani played alongside Beyoncé, traveling the globe and captivating audiences. Following her time with Beyoncé, she returned to her hometown of Houston, Texas to complete her degree at Texas Southern University.


In 2016, Brittani embarked on another exciting journey, this time touring with the acclaimed artist CeeLo Green. She showcased her versatility by playing piano, drums, and percussion for the superstar. Her talent continued to shine as she later collaborated with Flatbush Zombies and even featured in their Tiny Desk performance. Despite these incredible experiences and opportunities, Brittani knew that she was just scratching the surface of her potential.


In 2020, Brittani made history by becoming the first musician ever to play two different instruments on two major stages with two different artists in a single year. She amazed audiences by playing drums for CeeLo Green at the Soul Train Music Awards and bass for En Vogue at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards. These remarkable achievements only fueled Brittani's passion for music.


Now, Brittani is eager to share the secrets and valuable information that have contributed to her ongoing success as a self-taught musician. She wants to inspire and empower others with her knowledge, helping them navigate their own musical journeys and achieve their dreams.

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