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Get A New Corona Hobby!

There are so many things to do in this time of uncertainty. One thing I am doing for sure is taking the time out to let myself enjoy quiet time. Being quarantined is serious business but theres a lot of rewards in learning and trying out new things since we have nothing but time on our hands.

The first thing I did when I found out that I would be spending eternity stuck inside the house was learn how to grow food just in case we weren't allowed in the stores ( i was ready to start living off the land). I don't know if you remember the whole toilet tissue scare?? I said to myself if people are acting like this over toilet tissue and its only the second day of quarantine then I definitely need to start growing my own food.

The second thing I did was live stream!! Videos Videos and more Videos!!! Geez! I love performing but I don't like wearing it out like Im a news reporter clocking in on her job, finding and editing her stories. Being a rockstar is not meant to feel like a corporate job...thats just my opinion. I do understand that its the only option we have right now considering we cant be around each other, but getting makeup ready and putting on your best just to go in your living room started bugging me.

The third idea I had but never followed through was getting myself a little friend. Thats right, I wanted to get a puppy! The only thing with that is when and if this pandemic comes to an end and business starts to pick up, who's going to watch my little friend? So, I decided to surround myself with dogs and cute little puppies and let me tell you, its a whole different lifestyle. while I enjoyed the company, its a lot of work and sacrifice.

Yes these are very uncertain times but it is important that we stand tall and not let this get the best of us! Start some new hobbies, learn where you are inconsistent in your life, never let yourself stay depressed for more than three days. Time waits for no one so enjoy it while its here.

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