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Performing Arts Center 

      At B.P.A.C we know that no two people are the same, this is why we want to make sure we match you with your very own A-list instructor that will teach you at the pace your'e comfortable with.

Our founder Brittani understands how frustrating it can be learning new instruments. We all would like to grab a guitar and do a killer solo in front of thousands of people but we have to put in the work first. Not knowing how to explain what it is your'e hearing or trying to express can be very overwhelming at first as with everything in life.

    Brittani is a self taught musician that understands the importance of grooming your talents and moving in the right direction. At B.P.A.C we take the time to hear you and learn from you!! It's important to understand the way your mind works before starting anything. At Brittani's Performing Arts Center, we teach everything from singing to learning how to DJ. We will make sure you ready for to nail that next big audition! ASK ABOUT OUR ARTIST DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM TODAY!




Find what works for you!

To protect the identity of our instructors, all teachers are introduced to students after the consultation is complete.

Every student is different and some of us need more help than others, so prices may vary.

All customers have the last say on the instructors that are assigned to them.

Students can opt to take their lessons in person or by video.

We want to meet you and hear what you've been working on.

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